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How To Package/Collect Your Files For MPB

Supplying native files, or the actual files you used to create your documents, are always preferred. Please provide a Hard Copy or printed sample of what you are providing. Once you have completed the design of your job you must make sure you collect/package all the components needed to print it. Often times a customer will create a piece and neglect to provide fonts, links or images. There are numerous programs in which you can create a document. We have tried to provide detailed instructions for them including, QuarkXpress, InDesign, PageMaker, Publisher and Illustrator. (You can right click on any of the links below and select "save as" if you wish to download the pdf's for future reference).

 How to "Package Files" in Adobe InDesign , click here.

 How to "Collect Files" in QuarkXpress, click here.

 How to "Prepare Files" in Publisher, click here

 How to Export PDF from Pagemaker 7, click here


Guidlines for setting up 8.5 x 11 tri-fold brochure, click here


Guidlines for setting up 8.5 x 14 tri-fold brochure, click here



 Are your files set up in a Microsoft program? Click here for some time saving tips.

 PDF's are also acceptable and often times easier to print. However if you anticipate changes or modifications to your file you must provide a new pdf.

Don't Forget:

  1. Do your files have bleeds? If so, did you provide the file with .125" bleeds?
  2. Are all your images included and is the resolution at least 250 DPI?
  3. Have you proofread and spell checked your document?
  4. Have you provided a hard copy for our designers and pressmen to refer to?

Tip: Microsoft Office products are able to create complex layouts for brochures or newsletters that print great to your desktop printer but it is not a true desktop publishing program. More significantly, Microsoft Office products are not designed for creating digital files for commercial printing. However,  MPB will accept your Microsoft Office files along with a hard copy and provide you with a proof for your approval. Providing a hi-res PDF (with bleeds when necessary) is not only helpful to us, but it will also help your piece to be more accurate so we don't run the risk of text reflow or different fonts.

Convert your files to PDF


Now a days PDF's are very easy to create. There are also several websites that will convert your file for free in minutes. Below are a list of a few of them:



Last Update: 06/11/2015