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A Commitment to Service, the Environment and Our History

Mission Statement

"With over 100 years of experience, it is our mission to provide clients with the highest quality service and value using the latest technologies in the printing industry today".

 Our Services

Our services are a reflection of our philosophy. We do whatever it takes to meet our customers’ needs.

Our full suite of services begins with planning and prepress, followed by either conventional offset printing or electronic digital printing. If required, we can also provide a full range of in-house mailing and fulfillment services.
At MPB we know that every job is not the same. That’s why we’ve built a company with the tools and the people who know how to create, implement and manage innovative, customized solutions to meet the specialized needs of our clients.
MPB also recognizes the need to constantly explore ways to improve our products and services, so we make it a priority to keep MPB on the cutting edge of our industry by continually incorporating the latest printing and software technologies.
Our Commitment to the Environment
At Morgantown Printing and Binding we do our best to preserve the environment and to not leave a footprint on this earth. We care about the environment and how we impact the local area.
Our Account Representatives and Customer Service Representatives work with our clients to make decisions regarding papers that are safe for the environment.
 We encourage in our direct mail campaigns proper database management and de-duping and scrubbing of list to lower waste factors on addresses that do not exist or have changed. 
All of our papers are produced with at least 10% post consumer waste and upon request and availability, we can accommodate your recycled paper needs.  In addition, all paper waste from every printed project is recycled.
Our inks are vegetable based, G-7 approved and among the most technologically advanced lines of sheetfed process inks available today. These vegetable oil based inks have earned an industry wide reputation for their outstanding press performance, forgiving nature, consistently accurate color reproduction, and low volatile organic content.
All of our ink waste, metal plate material and paper skids are also recycled or reused.
We want to help you help us make a difference on the environment on each and every project we produce.
Our History

 In 1895, a German immigrant named William R. Ludwig decided that the best way to support his family in the New World was to find a way to use the book binding trade that he had learned in his homeland. His new home of Morgantown did not have a commercial binding operation so he opened The Acme Publishing Company.

In those early years, a large portion of the business was the binding of ledger books of many different types used in businesses around Morgantown, but in the very early 20th century, Mr. Ludwig decided that his company should expand into commercial printing and the move was made. The Acme Publishing Company occupied a new building on Front Street (University Avenue).
In 1914, a group of investors bought the company and incorporated it under the name of Morgantown Printing & Binding. E.M. Grant was the president of the new corporation. They retained W.R. Ludwig as the general manager of the operation until January of 1916.

Small Acme

The Acme Building housed Acme Publishing Company and Morgantown Printing & Binding (after 1914) for the first quarter of the 20th century before it burned in 1927. The building was located on Front Street. (University Ave). This photo is from a postcard which is postmarked December, 1909 and Printed by The Acme Publishing Co. In 1927 the company was moved to 163 Kirk Street following a fire that destroyed The Acme Building on Front Street. This location remained as the company `s headquarters until it moved to its present location on Greenbag Road in 1999. 

In February of 1916 the investors sold their interest to a group which included W.R. Ludwig as chairman of the board. Mr. Ludwig was again named as the general manager and he maintained that association until his death in 1934. The Ludwig family continued to operate the business until the economic stresses associated with World War II caused them to begin to seek a buyer in 1944.

 Forest Thompson became president of the board and assumed ownership of the company in 1944. He and the Thompson family operated the business until 1978 when the stock was sold to Albert "Bud" Everly, Jr., who had joined the company in 1945 and operated the business until 1995.

 H. Andrew Walls, III, purchased the stock in 1995 and assumed ownership as the 5th owner in the long history of the company. Andy immediately began an aggressive expansion of the business. The Kirk Street location remained as the company’s headquarters until it moved to its present location on Greenbag Road in 1999. With its new 65,000 square foot state of the art production and mailing facility, which boasts the latest in printing technology and quality control, the company has grown from 17 employees to over 75 full time employees. 

Greenbag Road
Under the leadership of H. Andrew Walls, III, who is the fifth owner in a 115-year history, Morgantown Printing & Binding moved from its Kirk Street location to this new state of the art facility on Greenbag Road in 1999. We now employ over 75 full time employees.



Last Update: 06/11/2015