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Prepress Services Overview

Our highly trained electronic pre-press staff will analyze your files and prepare them for printing. Years of experience, combined with the latest hardware and software technology advances in pre-press, production and printing help us deliver top-quality pre-press services.

File transfer options include "FAST UPLOAD, FTP drop and retrieval, plus small file e-mail. The MPB workflow processes your files through Preflight software to help prevent costly intervention and additional time. We accept either Mac or PC versions of common file formats and PDF workflow.

Software Programs

Platforms:  MAC OS   PC Windows

While we are capable of working with most design and word processing software packages, the following is a list of industry standard layout or illustration programs that we will accept and consider disk ready:

Details About Submitting Your Jobs to MPB

If you are using a layout program not listed above, check our File Preparation page for detailed information regarding specific programs. You can also call or email us to be sure we will be able to work with your file.

Your file is considered full disk ready if prepared using one of the programs on our list and includes all fonts, graphic links and an accurate printout for output comparison. File Preparation is very important.

Your file is considered partial disk ready if it was prepared using one of the listed programs but requires some finishing work. This could include high-resolution scanning, color correction, stock art selection or significant maintenance to ensure proper color separation.

Last Update: 06/11/2015